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Re: Championship manager

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Dont know about them being happy at the dons though, not paid for two months, club uprooting to MK and no fans, they must have been screaming to leave. Over the last couple of years the club has had the tag of Costa del city - the easy life away from the hustle and bustle of the big smoke and no expectations or dog fight for relegation, just an easy time. That does seem to be changing, first the dead wood was filtered out. Then the couple of inappropriate signings were helped on their way.

Now we just seem to be short of players, the current squad is ( at least the starting eleven) well experienced at first division level, but the bench is littered with injury comebacks or youngsters just building up on experience. Having said that no one could have allowed for the fact of losing four of our best attacking options in the last week, that is just plain bad luck.

Amongst all the other concerns that have been discussed at great length is worthy. Hero or villan, astute or inept. Watching the forest game at the weekend there was not one city player that really wanted to attack the forest back four, wingers were not getting to the touchline to get crosses in etc. This comes down to basic tactics and strategy. Forest were camped in our half for most of the game and their back four enjoyed a lot of possesion in our half!! Sadly I have seen some second and third division teams that have more attacking hungar than we often show. I think that the players have forgotten the art of creating chances from nothing, passing triangles and outwitting the oppo.

Lets hope for some improvement.

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