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Patches OHoolahan

Fickle fans frustrate me...

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We played excellently against Spurs and deserved our win. Indeed we should have scored more than one goal. However I''ve seen a lot of overly confident posters expecting a win tomorrow. Villa aren''t playing well at the moment, but we can''t expect to just sweep them aside, we know full well that Paul Lambert teams don''t lie down easily(except in the cups). If we were to lose, the pendulum of supporter sentiment will swing from positive to negative in short order on this forum. I don''t expect a win tomorrow, nor do I expect to lose. I expect us to compete and give a good account of ourselves. Yes football is a results business, and Hughton will ultimately be judged on results, but to shift from being an "inny" to an "outy" (or vice versa) because of one game is generally naive. The only exceptions I would cite in relation to that would be a display of utter ineptitude where we get unexpectedly thumped at home a la Colchester, or Hughton going "full-Pardew" and nutting Benteke. So please people, try and be consistent. Judge Hughton and individual players on more than just one game. If you can''t decide on being an inny or an outy, come join me on the fence, its surprisingly comfortable.

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