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how much more of worthy can we take

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worthy got it completely wrong on saturday and for that reason we deserve to go down.

1.why take off hucks, a striker for a left back!!! i no hux wasnt 100% fit but a left back was completely the wrong choice!!!  jonson was the better option.  worthy moans bout hux defending and charlton was needed to bring stability but to me that only signifies that worthy was playing for the draw---HELLO!!! 3 games left and he wants a draw?

2. he toke ashton off?- he explained he was shattered and fair enough but atleast bring svensson on earlier than 82mins.  and why not bring on jonson and chuck 3 up front. we has to go for it and we didnt!!!

3. where was doherty?  we knew crouch may play, so why not have big doc on the bench to compensate. i no his not the best defender around but has height and a point to prove. fleming won nothing in the air and i am one who thought he should have been dropped a few weeks back.

i think last saturday cost us our prem status!!! worthy i dont think is in check with the task at hand. i dont wana see him sacked as i think he has done use wonders but last weekend he screwed up BIGTIME!!  i only hope we can beat birmingham and fulham and hope for the best.

P.S Harry rednapp is an arrogrant fool, cant believe he qouted ''''why should be we scared of norwich, they haven''t won away all season'''' and ''''huckerby is a threat, but its not like his thierry henry, is he?''''

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