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Losing to Paul Lambert guarantees our survival.

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Today has reinforced an idea in my mind: Since we first encountered Paul Lambert, it has been Norwich City''s role to make him look good.As manager of Norwich, he enjoyed a meteoric rise to the Premier League from League One. I don''t think it''s possible for him to be 100% single-handedly responsible for this, so fortune played it''s part. Since he left the club for Aston Villa, things haven''t been so rosy for him, with fans at Aston Villa increasingly discontent with him in a similar way that a number of Norwich fans are skeptical about our own manager. However, when things are reaching the stage where Aston Villa fans will turn on him, along comes Norwich to be ritually humiliated at his hands. Of course, discontent with him was at an all-time high today, so our humiliation had to be correspondingly larger.There, is, however a massive upside to this. In order for him to continue to humiliate us when the chips are down for him, it is necessary for us to remain in the Premier League. Thus we can''t possibly be relegated this season. Hooray!

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