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Apologies for not writing on here very often, I''ve been travelling the world searching spiritual enlightenment. Which I duly found and I will duly expand on.

I know you must of missed my eloquently written arguments for the removal of both Hughtgon and Alex Tettey.

Was I the one who once said Hughtgon out? Oh how I was wrong. I said Alex Tettey was the worst player to wear a canaries shirt? Wrong again. I agreed that Elmander should be sent back on the first plane to Turkey? Wrong.

I spent 95.1 consecutive days meditating under a Bodhi tree before I reached spiritual enlightenment- Nirvana. A voice spoke to me. a voice of Neil Adams. The Buddhist god of desire, Mara (Demon).

We all crave for success but we must

suppress our desires and settle for the inbetween, forget winning or losing. The key is draws, preferably 0-0 draws. Who better to lead us on this path than defence minded Hughtgon?

Forget Mike Phelan etc. their attacking football philopshies are a sign of greed.

Instead we should sit in utter silence in the stadium and be grateful for being a mid table team in the EPL. Passion and desire need to be drove out of this football club.

BJ has showed to much passion recently. Offload him.

This of course will not happen until Alex Tettey returns from injury, THE mediocre player. Just like Johan and Jonas.

Alex Tettey is the cream to hughtons strawberries, the cheese to hughtons cracker, the jam in his doughnut.

He is not just a mediocre player but a leader of men. He will bring mediocre to the rest of the players.


Don''t forget however the wolf needs to be fed - he''s now not merely a starving wolf but a rabid wolf. If he is not fed soon, carrow road will be left in a pile of mutilated corpses.

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