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Club Structure

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Is it easier for a club like West Brom, Southampton or Swansea to change their manager and get a more seamless transition than we would because of the structure of their club?

West Brom seemed to insist to Pepe Mel that he had to use the staff that were there, and their head coaches work under a continental type director of football setup (which hasn''t always worked in this country admittedly). But it maybe allows them to have constant direction as a club and doesn''t pin all responsibility of the success of the club on the manager (if he has a bad time and gets sacked or does well and leaves).

When Brendan Rodgers left Swansea Bryan Laudrup seemed to take over without a lot of fuss yet the style of football seemed constant and the club seems to have a positive outlook.

Southampton have clearly got a heavy emphasis on their youth academy and it will be interesting to see whether the last couple of days developments with Cortese will harm their processes.

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