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Chelmsford Canary

Cup Success = Relegation?

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Since our exit of the cup this week, I thought I''d look into the success and failure of progressing in cup competitions and relegation at the end of season. Both FA Cup and League Cup.

Some will say what clarifies as success, so this is based on getting to fifth round or further, and only for the last 10 years:-


Wigan - FA C Winners

Reading - FA C 5th


Bolton FA C QF

Blackburn LC QF


Birmingham LC Winners and FA C QF

West Ham LC SF and FA C QF


Portsmouth FA C Finalist and LC QF


Middlesbrough FA C QF


Charlton LC QF

Watford FA C SF


Birmingham LC QF and FA C QF


Southampton FA C QF

12 teams out of 30. I''m not saying it is a factor, just to see whether there is a correlation between the distraction of league and cup games. Some team also may have played replay.

Teams still in FA Cup and League Cup this season:-

Swansea - Birmingham (A)

Cardiff - Bolton (A)

Hull - Southend (A)

Sunderland - Kidderminster (H)

Palace - Wigan (A)

Fulham - Sheff U (A)

West Ham LC SF

Sunderland LC SF

Swansea Europa

Several of the above will progress further in the competitions, with injuries and suspensions!

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It saddens me how the FA Cup no longer matters in the greater scheme of things. I remember when FA Cup third round day was one of the most exciting days of the year. It attracted the country''s attention in much the same way as the Grand National does in horse racing. But now it''s gone and me hankering for those days is just another example of the difficulty I have moving with the times. I only chucked out my coal scuttle last summer and even that was a wrench....


Valid points by the way Chelmsford. But the real killer is this Europa League that has about as much interest as a WI knitting competition. 2011/12 Newcastle 5th and qualified for it. 2012/13 Newcastle played in it and escaped relegation at the death. 2013/14 No Europa League so currently 8th.



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Ha, to think Newcastle were even more in the doo doo than us last season!

My non-religious mate (newcastle fan) even went to church to pray for Swansea to beat Wigan last year!

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