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Bradwell canary

Opting out or in? (not CH thread)

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I have now got my season ticket renewal.

I find personally that the club are going a step to far in opting everyone automatically into the £1 per game for the Academy

This should be a case of automatically opting us out unless we request otherwise. A slight of hand me thinks!

This at a time when the club while in the PL is a multi million pound business each year.

I just wonder if any other clubs in the PL does this.

I have today opted out by email, more as a protest than saving £1 each game. Its simply the way it is done that irritates me.

It''s sometime hard to see any real benefits, I would just love to see some boys make it into the first team, hopefully the Murphy boys will truly make it here with us.

But with us losing two of our most promising young goal keepers from the academy in recent seasons, I am not hopeful.

I for one want to see Rudd back here next season as our deputy, or in due course our first choice goalkeeper.

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