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No lack of commitment

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The post-match interviews on Saturday, on Canaries World, strongly suggest that the team wanted that win. Apparently they had the "gathering" on the pitch after the score spontaneously, in celebration and in determination not to let the lead slip. Bennett also spoke more than once about the closeness of the team on the pitch and in the dressing room.

So the "not turn up" matches seem to be an aberration, perhaps fear of losing (once more?), or low confidence from poor results. I saw some figures which suggested that we concede early goals more than virtually every other team in the Premiership, and many of these come from momentary loss of concentration. It is easy to see why a brittle confidence should collapse after this.

I will not comment on the quality of pre-match preparation, tactics or selection, although these are clearly important in overcoming our malaise and lack of confidence, nor yet again to point to the significant injuries we have had to important players, but clearly these are both possible reasons for starting badly and having to chase games.

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