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Where are the apologists ?

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Certainly not at Carrow Road tonight, or in the pub I was in.

The nonsense that somehow there are others beyond the deluded handful on here is a lie. The fans don''t want Hughton here no longer - and the fear is whilst we should just wheeze over the line - there is every fear that we won''t, and te club will have the devil''s own job of convincing a fair dew layers to stay on if we do go down. Even if we don''t =, the same may hold.

Tonight should have been blindingly obvious where the major fault lies. We hear bleats about the supposed failing midfield, but it is an effect of Hughtons failings not the cause.

We cannot remain static when we have possession. Time and time again our player loses te ball because he has virtually no options to pass to. We do not operate as a team, but as individuals. with the onus on the player with the ball to find a team mate, not the other way round.

Thankfully we rarely had the opportunity to play those silly little triangles as Newcastle had twigged that nonsense and closed us down and crowded us out.

So why are we stuck with this negative and non productive football ? Because Hughton is motivated by the need to defend, to funnel back as many bodies as possible and hope they can block the way to the goal .... and hope that perhaps we can occasionally nick the odd goal and defend that instead of the usuall 0-0.

I don''t believe Hughton inspires the players, and his tactics certainly don''t. Anyone at the ground can see the players reactions - you might just as well tie a greyhounds back two legs together then wonder why it doesn''t run very fast.

This inept failing has been the hallmark of Hughton''s time here. No ability to change the game or the tactics beforehand - which is shown in the substitutions that seem to have been drafted up well before the game. A bloke joked behind me that had Ruddy been injured it would still have been Redmond that came on.

At the moment I struggle to see where the necessary 3 or 4 wins are going to come from.

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