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RichT - The Biscuit

General view, not just last night.

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I read a lot and post every now and then if I feel the need but am a season ticket holder and have been for a number of years.

Last night proved a point to me and was highlighted alarmingly by a very good team in Newcastle. We look and have looked a yard or so off the pace, we only get an injection of pace when Redmond comes on or starts but other than that we look slow.

I''m sure their fitness levels are good but are they where they need to be, have we only got steady players in the side who will do a job but not much else but is that because they are told to play that way?!

I know this sounds weird but when I watch games I watch certain players for a spell to watch how they play, I coach kids and tell them to do the same for players who they like or who play In a similar position and you learn a lot doing this.

One of the areas I think we struggle with is our pace of attack, watching Newcastle last night every one of their players was on the move, whether it was the right back or centre midfield it didn''t matter, they were always on the move. This allows the ball to be moved around at pace and as the players are moving they are already moving at some pace, I watched Sammi Ameobi last night who I thought he was superb as was Ben Arfa, they made us look basic.

When we have the ball, usually we pass the ball behind the player, we do this all the time with the full backs, which means the player has to stop and wait to receive it or go behind them to collect, we are then going the wrong way and this slows down the play. Fairly basic stuff but it''s been a real trait of ours this season.

There are lots of views re certain players and there always will be, but for me it''s the system that we play. He is making us hard to break down with the aim of not conceding but what this does is have a negative effect on your forward play.

On a positive note I thought Ryan Bennett is really starting to show what a talent he can be.

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[quote user="RichT - The Biscuit"]On a positive note I thought Ryan Bennett is really starting to show what a talent he can be.[/quote]

Costly mistakes for both goals at Everton. Did alright against an unadventurous Hull. Poor against Newcastle in the first half when we should have been 3 or 4 down at HT before improving in the second half.


Still can''t see him as being first choice for us in this league on a long term basis.

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