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the pigman

No vision in midfield

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The midfield have no vision for quick balls through to the forwards,they hold it to long or pass short or backwards and by the time we do go forward the defence is organised and we cant get through.Hooper makes runs all the time,does not get the ball or makes space for others and that''s not used,he must wonder why he bothers.As for R V W he does not seem up to this level,every game I hope he improves but it does not happen,just hope he is better next season but that may be to late,at present we are a poor team in a bunch of others and it will be a battle to the end.To stay up we need to score and it has to start Saturday but I really cant see it at the moment the way we are playing.Is it the coaching staff or just a bunch of average players playing below their ability that''s the question?

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