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NCFC for life 1993-

Are the players above criticism?

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For many years our players have been applauded, lauded and celebrated by us fans because of the success on the pitch their obvious hard working performances and desire to go and win games of football. The players have been getting the plaudits and rightly so.

However they shouldn''t be above criticism. This season some of the performances have been woeful, wether that''s down to the players themselves. Hughton''s tactics or whatever. Many of The players haven''t found themselves in this position before at Norwich. IMO they should accept that criticism will come their way also.

Some of the players also have come out and said the booing doesn''t help up etc, but what do they expect, praise all the time?

Maybe at the end of the season after we limp over the line and secure another season in the premiership we may see changes. A new manager, new ideas, new philosophy of playing because their isn''t a lot of love at the moment around the place.

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