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The reason we will get relegated is our negative...

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Fans! I was shocked at the attitude of many of our fans at today''s game for the following reasons

1) Very little singing and only when things were going well. I understand the need to have something to sing about. But it works the other way as well. The players definitely respond to positive noise from the fans.

2) Moaning and groaning because we weren''t pressing in numbers when their defenders had the ball on the edge of their box. This was ridiculous. When you play a team like swansea who have the greatest % of possession and the highest average of number of passes in the premier league you cant afford to over commit as they will pass around you and tear through you. You have to do what we done which was have solid structure and intercept the through balls they attempt.

In my opinion we have the best squad of players we have had for many years who are good enough to play in the premier league. although I don''t agree generally with Hughtons defensive mentality, we have the best manager that we could attract who has the proven ability to keep us in the premier league. The tactics, although negative, are designed to amass enough points to keep us in the premier league which I truly believe we will achieve.

Many of the fans now seem to want Hughton to go even at the expense of us losing football games. The crystal palace game was the perfect example of this. When we scored there was a subdued celebration of the goal, many fans thinking if we lose that game then Hughton will be sacked. By scoring it saved him again and fans weren''t sure how to react.

Hughton is good enough to keep us in this league and the only thing that will get us relegated is if us ''supporters'' continue with this negative attitude and don''t give our full backing to the players out on the pitch. People talk about players not being committed and just turning up. Well as ''supporters'' we need to practice what we preach and start showing our commitment, which isn''t just about turning up.

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