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Were the team feasting and boozing with merriment on Christmas day?

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Were the team feasting  and boozing with merriment on Christmas day or were they training and reviewing tactical instruction for the Fulham game?Whatever the case the performance half expected arrived, laid-back and uninspired, emulating their manager.The response statement from their leadership comprised apathetic self evident truths as has been the norm, as though the inspiration locker was bare beyond repair.It appears to me that the player manager relationship is not at all what it should be and what is needed to survive this testing arduous season.I do not know if there is an easy answer, I have not got one so the outcome must surely be in the hands of Lady Luck and her compatriots ''Hands of the Gods''.I fear the miserable dismay experienced after the majority of matches, pride and optimism having given way to anxiety and disappointment.In a nutshell with our current setup we are going nowhere at the very best and for me  I would prefer to go down fighting with some flair and grit than fester on as were are. For a dire situation such as this It is better to do something than nothing.Let us have  change for better or worse.

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