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Green and Yellow fellow

Hughtons Tactics?

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I am by no means a ''Hughton Outer'' but numerous times this season I have noticed how much our players stand back when our opponents are in possession of the ball.

During these times our formation looks like a well organised and structured unit, but it leaves us open to a long shots, players running at our defenders or a combination of passes which will ''unlock'' us.

I''m pretty sure it''s a tactic Hughton ploys, but allot of the time we get punished and our fans our screaming at our players to close them down. Aston Villa was a great example of this and yesterday when Kassami was hurtling towards our goal. But just out of general interest, what are we gaining from executing such tactics?

Opposed to those tactics we have shown others, for example Stoke away, was noticeable the way our players closed their players down and harassed them from the first to the last whistle. I''m pretty sure our players don''t sit back because they''re lazy, but more so that they''re told to.

Why is this though when you can begin to tell from 10 minutes in the game, it isn''t working?

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