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On the Ball City.........

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We played as well as united allowed us. What do you believe would have happened had we scored? United would have upped their game as a matter of routine, and won anyway. Really, the eternal optimists are a necessity for the less glamorous clubs to survive in this business investment league, it sells shirts and seats.Watch the amateur punter at the racecourse who will definitely choose a  winner  next race because his previous bet just lost and how unlucky can you get?Observe the gambler at the slot machines frittering away his hard earned rent money. Wow! Look at that, only needed more apple and the jackpot was ours - honest honey the next try is an absolute cert to win- I know that machine like the back of my hand.Is there a connection at all in this para human psychology slop with football fans?Dunow, ''On the Ball City'' next time lady luck will be on our side and a win is a cert I just know it.PS. I was not at the match today so please value my opinion accordingly.

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