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20 games gone and the same questions being asked! Have we really moved on, are we expecting more than we can acheive?

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Some said from the first 6 games nothing has improved, the style of football being seriouslt bad, some said give him ten games and allow the new players time to settle.


10 games passed with no better football but at least points were being accumulated, no real improvement shown.


16 games in pre-Christmas we had put points on the board, some on here saying it was about results not style........


20 games gone,2 points from 12 available over Christmas and not really improving.


Is it time to get a new manager or stick with it?


Would we get the quality required to attract better players in January? Would Malcky be the answer? Can Hughton deliver?


If we stick anf go down would the board accept thee fans anger, would the fans blame thee baord? Do we have ay right to blame the board if we do go down?


Never an easy thing for the board to do as we as fans can''t agree!


I for one nailed my colours to the mast and stand by Hughton , unless the board can get a big name in with experience.


One thing for certain, we are playing the worst football and not picking up the results now, and before anyone says we played well against United, no we didn''t they were shocking and we could  not score! We need an improvement over the next 18 games one way or another.


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