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Paul Spector

Injury Frequency & Recovery Time

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Perhaps nothing more than a mere coincidence, but am I the only one concerned about the sheer number of injuries we seem to be getting this season? And the fact that simple injuries seem to be taking longer to recover from?!

So far this season we''ve had Hooper, RvW, Tettey, Howson, Pilkington, Snodgrass, Bennett, Whittaker, Turner, Bassong, Bunn etc. all suffer some sort of injury over the course of the season.

We''ve also seen the poor management of Ricky''s injury in the ''toegate saga'', where he was clearly rushed back too soon. Now it''s looking like Howson''s back problems are lingering and the club cannot place a timescale on when he may be back.

I accept that a lot of this is just part & parcel of the game - eg injuries sustained through bad tackles etc. That said, surely a portion of blame must lay with the ''Sports Scientists'' at the club?!

I believe we had a whole new ''Sport Science'' team this season, who presumably have their own philosophies regarding the level of training - how often, intensity etc. Quite clearly something is going wrong, and we''re either playing people who are not fully fit, or pushing people too far.

Am I the only one concerned that the methods of the Sports Scientists are either causing injuries, or increasing the recovery time from injuries?!

In my opinion, this is something which certainly needs to be looked at as the squad is getting thinner and thinner.


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Norwich have lots of injuries, but not an abnormally high amount, especially when you consider players injury history.


Wolfswinkel said him self that he told the Norwich medical staff he was fit to play when he wasn''t - there isn''t much that can be done if a player isn''t honest with the physios. Pilkington and Tettey have long nasty injury histories so were always going to be out for some part of the season.


It''s hard to say if the injuries are lingering longer than expected as the club rarely give a firm return date, just a ''we''ll assess the player before the game''.

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