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Number 9

The drop of the pin, aka The lone wolf

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I''m v frustrated with the game today, and observing the crowd generally, it would seem many felt similarly. Yes at times you could hear the unmistakable sound of a pin being dropped onto the concrete steps.

Why did so many of our players focus on crossing the ball into the pen area where Ricky was alone bar three or four defenders.

Surely it would have been beneficial to have Hooper on with Ricky to share the defenders out a bit. I saw Sally working hard in midfield with fox, but maybe only once or twice in the box.

Are the coaching team inept or just doing as they are told, either way, I''m sure that the manager is responsible for the display which doesn''t win games & leaves crowds shielding their ears from the sound of dropping pins.

Time you should have gone Mr H

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