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off the boil city

Cats Or Canaries ?

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So you have proved that a Canary has more lives than a cat and that you are going to escape relegation with an easy win at Fulham. I have to take my hat off to you, despite being outplayed on many recent occassions you still have been grinding out those amazing wins so Lady Luck is certainly smiling on you, and probably sits on your crossbar.

I think it helps you that we got a point on Saturday as you know you must  go for the win rather than get caught in a mix by trying not to get beaten.

Palace and Saints will struggle to get wins but Pompey fans are buying Albion shirts on our website so they are coming for a defeat party to mock Saints so you would expect us to get an easier ride and hopefully win.

I am sure you will go for it, and Fulham have nothing to play for so wont really be up for a fight and it will be good for one of the promoted teams to stay up-I just wish it was going to be us instead of you, but we cant compete with you special brand of providence   

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