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I admit, living as I do currently in York, that I haven''t been able to get to as many of our home games as I''d like to this season. I''ve been to a handful, but not as many as I''d like as it just isn''t financially viable and I am sure there are many in the same boat.So what is all this about your opinion being less valid if you watch the game on a stream or something?You get a better perspective on the action than the view from many stadium seats, online access to stats to help back up your opinion of how the game is progressing, and you''re watching the same game as those inside the stadium!I was driven to ask this by a question from Paul who asked me if I''m a season ticket holder. I am (though my dad upgrades my ticket to use it at the minute), but being a season ticket holder does not make your opinion of our game any more valid.Obviously the experience inside the ground is far greater in value in terms of atmosphere, and I''d go home and away every week if I could afford it, but for myself and the countless others who can''t, it is simply ridiculous to suggest that someone who doesn''t go to games cannot be more educated about NCFC than someone who sits inside Carrow Road every other week. Strange, strange place this is.

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