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What do Helveg, Shackell & Ashton have in common?

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All three made the BBC Team of the Week - plus Green was one of the two reserve keepers. All four put in big performances. Congrats.

Out of 11 selectees and 22 reserves Birmingham got zero picks.

Now Steve Bruce, what do you make of that?

It reminds me of three things:

[a] Teams often win matches based on sheer team & fan commiment and big performances from 3 or 4 players. Formation play and serial passing often flatter to deceive. Just like when Liverpool beat Chelsea in the Champions League last week.

[b] The hardest thing in football is to score goals and the scarcest thing a reliable consistent goal scorer. We have Ashton. Cool as cucumber. Enough said.                                        Morrison has spent most of the season in the reserves - why? Because he''s unreliable & inconsistent and misses too many chances - just like he did on Saturday.

[c] There''s different valid ways of looking at things. 

Steve Bruce as an British-born manager needs to be more analytical instead of caterwauling and whinging like Mourinho after Liverpool turned them over on a sea of emotion and big performances from key players. If I were his Chairman, I''d be a little bit worried.

Now City, on to Fulham with bravery & commitment. The million dollar question is - will enough players put in big performances to tip the scales?

OTBC. Never mind the danger. Steady on. Now''s your chance.

Oh yes - now''s your chance indeed!



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