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Bradwell canary

50% of our problem is:

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Our problems are mainly two fold. One is that several players who were in decent form last season, are completely out of form this season. Bassong on his new contract,so relaxed you can hardly believe he is the same player Whittaker,so poor and looking lost, and an almost non person on the wing, Snoddy,who cost us point by grabbing the ball away from RVW and missed from the spot.( can''t believe these things are not decided on by the manager beforehand) I am certain that many of you can add to those three. At the same time Teetty and Howson who were in their best form since they joined us have had lengthy lay offs due to injury.

These problems have not been offset by the new signings as yet.

I for one hope that these two get back to fitness pretty dam quick, as we need their ability urgently.

I the meantime we will be nail bitting until the last few game, for sure we will know our fate before all the other teams in the mix.

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