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A Eulogy For Our Chris

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I have been one of the most happy clappy, Percy Positive, Hughton Inner NCFC fans you are likely to find.Some of you are proclaiming to have seen Hughton''s flaws from the 5-0 reverse at Craven Cottage at the start of his first season, and that the rest of us are latecomers to the party. That may or may not have been the case, but I was always willing to overlook our inability to score goals because we were consolidating our position (which, after we lost Ruddy to injury, became less of a formality thanks to Mark ''Leerdammer'' Bunn) but we had done enough in the cold light of day, even if we made hard work of it in true Norwich style.This season, even following some embarrassing point dropping scenarios, I always believed that CH needed his best team to gel, and to play together for a sustained period of time to show us what he could really do. He still really hasn''t had that opportunity. Before the Utd home game I said that we just didn''t have a plan. Under He Who Must Not Be Named, at least you could quite clearly say, even when we were a goal or two down: ''We are Norwich City, and we can get back into this game, because Lambert always had the presence of mind to alter our approach in the right way to at least get us a goal. These days, as soon as we go one down, you just know that it''s game over. These days Lambert seems to be horribly off form and has lost his self belief (indicated by the Holt signing if you ask me) but that''s neither here nor there.The Utd game rolled around and with Rooney missing from the Utd midfield Hughton made the right decision for once to play through the middle and get Wes on the ball. It was the right approach for the right game for once and if the little Irishman had a finish we would surely have put them away. I had no real problem losing to a lucky Welbeck deflection that day as frustrating as it was, it looked finally like we had that elusive plan.How wrong I was. The away point at Selhurst Park you take given both teams had knackered players and the conditions were horrendous. But to go two up front for the sake of appeasing the fans and not really have any approach behind it....I''m not saying we should be beating Everton at Goodison Park...but yet again there was no semblance of approach or idea and we were soundly beaten by an Everton side that didn''t need to get out of first gear due to our profligacy and naivety in all areas of the pitch. I didn''t think we were as terrible as some say, and they didn''t beat us from open play- but just like last night, in typical Hughton''s Norwich style:We had chances and didn''t take themWe went on to showcase woeful defendingWe went a goal downGame overThat is the blueprint when we play pretty much anybody. And it just isn''t good enough.I''m sure I''ll get sarcastically applauded for ''finally coming to my senses'' but I really don''t care. I had logical reasons for my support of Hughton, I have been over them on countless threads on here.But the cup is not our priority, as bloody awful as our performance was last night.We. Must. Beat. Hull.I don''t know how we''re going to do it, as I no longer trust Hughton and his cohorts to formulate a winning plan in any game.If we do not beat them, whether you''re Hughton In, Out, or shake it all about, he WILL be sacked.I have long said that the scary instability of sacking a manager mid season outweighs the potential benefits of a new man in the job.But we could not look more unstable and incapable of knowing how to get a result, let alone getting one, if we tried.I want him gone, because I firmly believe that anyone with a UEFA Pro License should at least know how to set up a balanced team.Our Chris isn''t even doing that. Sorry Mr Nice Guy, your time is up.

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