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Forced into the unthinkable?

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With loss of form -Bassong, Martin and Johnson, and with Tettey, Benno and possibly Pilks out until 2014, our squad is reduced currently to fewer than 20, with two and half of them goalkeepers.  Becchio seems to be unplayable in the mind of the manager.


The cupboard is bare! It looks as if the manager is coming to the view that Josh Murphy may be on the bench regularly. Then why not start him, and why not consider his brother, as well, as we have lost wingers. Both have pace and ability. Would the U21 defenders, admittedly slight in  build compared some of the beef in the EPL, do any worse than the goal-generous defence we have at the moment - another two yesterday. The present defence, apart from Olsson none too quick, are failing to defend adequately. It must soon be time to try somebody else.


We shall need new signings in January, but we can''t afford the six or seven we need of higher quality. So why not try some of those who are younger but committed and who know something of defending?


This is the manager''s only hope, the way things are going.

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