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But .... its not boring ...

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At the beginning of the season I predicted a roller coaster ride right through to the end of the season .....I wuz right [ smug grin ]   what I didn`t predict  was that the downward slopes of the ride would be so steep  ....  but, its not been boring !! ....  as the fat cats like Chelski , Manure  and Arse ,predictably , lurk at the top of the prem  , yawn, the REAL pulse of the prem  is the fight against relegation !  its where the action is    .... so, while most of  of the league are already  on their holidays , we face  the gunfight at the OK corral  ..... truthfully  , I love the drama  !!   ...   the suspence [sp]   its what makes the turnstiles spin .......  and , STILL , my tickets havent arrived ... 

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