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I have made my mind up on Hughton but it hinges on my

belief that he is at least good enough to keep us up. For me, as I do

believe this- changing manager is always a lottery and one of three

things will happen: we''ll get a manager who will send us down, we''ll get

a manager who will keep the ship steady but won''t pull up trees, or

we''ll get a manager who will progress us into ...a team who can actually

score from open play. I think that lottery is too big a risk to take so

i''d give Hughton this season- but if we finish 16th or 17th or

thereabouts by virtue of the teams below us being more sh1te- I would be

convinced that he will never progress us and we should definitely get

rid in the close season. Mid-season, I am very against it.Of course, those who want rid will by and large believe his stewardship will send us down this year, so there''ll be no winning those fans over with this argument.I just feel that getting to the close season, trusting in Hughton to keep us up (as I believe he will) will allow us time in the close-season if we still haven''t progressed to scout Europe thoroughly for a Thomas Tuchel or a Paco Jemez.... (would love either of those).

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That suggests you are certain Hughton is the man to keep us up.

I think the fans who want him out want that because they think he''ll get us relegated.

If he got us 16th this year, that''s par for the course, not great, but not really a reason for him to be sacked.

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How can anyone be certain of anything especially of who will keep us up?

Having said that, Roeder always maintained with some credibility that if we''d have kept him, he could have kept us up.

It has to be about one thing and that is staying in this league. Now others will say that there is no certainty that Hughton will keep us up which is true. The response is that there is no certainty anyone else will do better which is also true.

Then, it is said that Hughton is the worst manager in the League when the table suggests that there are several others who are worse.

It takes us into circles.

What matters is what the Board thinks. If I was on that Board, I would be very cautious about sacking Hughton. I would worry about going from the Roeder to the Gunn. I would factor in that we have still to see the best of our new signings and that we have disruptive injuries.

I, like the OP, would gamble, and it is undoubtedly a gamble but then so is every other option, that Hughton can do enough with what he has and keep us up. I would review it regularly and certainly next summer.

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