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Brackley Canary

HELP: Dissertation Survey

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Just some adviceā€¦

You need a lot more than a few lines at the start to introduce the questionnaire in terms of privacy and ethics. I don''t know what Uni its for, what your using my reponses for, where the responses are going, who''s looking at them etc.

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Here is some information that you may find useful when it comes to ethics and privacy


All information gathered will be kept

confidential so there is no risk of embarrassment to participants. Questionnaire

results will also be kept confidential.

All participants will be made fully aware

that the design and purpose of the research is for my own research purposes

There will be no way of tracing back data to

participants as the only personal information gained will characteristics like

age and gender.

The data that will be gathered from the

online surveys will be stored within surveymonkey.com in coordination with regulations.

All data will also be stored on the private

computer of the researcher which is password protected.

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