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Whatever happens Sunday I will be proud of the players, manager, backroom staff and board.  I don’t mind admitting that two months ago I thought we were dead and buried and would be relegated in 20th place with games to spare.  It appeared that we were just going to slip out of the league without putting up a fight but from nowhere we went on a fantastic run and have given ourselves the best possible chance of surviving.


I will admit that there are lots of things this season that could have been done differently.  We have seen some strange tactics, substitutions, team selection but I don’t see that these reasons or injuries have been the main problem this year.  I really do believe that our biggest problem this season has been a lack of belief, a sense that we as a club don’t belong in the Premier League and that we are merely passing through.  What makes so proud of City is that all of sudden we do look Premier League and we are turning to games expecting to win, not just hoping. 


So, a message to Worthy and the boys for Sunday.  You are good enough and you have proved you are capable of beating any team in this league.  Don’t be afraid, trust in your ability and you will win.”

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