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Defending - attacking

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Do we do anything well ?

We can''t defend against good teams, we very rarely keep a clean sheet and we find it very difficult to score. So what has Hughton and his coaching staff been doing to improve things?

We now have the second worst goal difference in the Premiership and I would argue that our defence is very often no better than some average Championship teams. Last weekend Hull managed to beat Liverpool reasonably comfortably but today Liverpool destroyed us. Perhaps they were hurting after the weekend but we don''t seem to learn from playing them before as we have had at least 4 heavy defeats against Liverpool. Suarez always scores for fun when playing us. I know he is an exceptional player but surely we can learn something from these experiences and do something to stop him. Thank goodness Sturridge wasn''t playing! It is getting embarrassing.

Something drastic needs to be done. We need some new coaches in definitely, a fresh approach and a motivator in charge of the team. Another commanding central defender needs to be bought or loaned in January, together with a creative midfielder and possibly another striker. The trouble is I am not sure who we can attract playing the way we are.

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