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Due to the all-or-nothing nature of Sundays game, i feel Worthy has to really play with a formation that is ''controlled attack''. Having Hucks, Leon and Deano leading the line is all well and good, but this leaves defensive gaps open where we can be hit on the break, and this is where the danger lies when everyone says we should just ''go for it''. Hucks needs to be tracking back to provide support for Drury, otherwise Drury is going to have a very busy day, and sooner or later, he''s going to be left for dead by Boa Morte or Cole.

I''d start witht he same line up as we''ve had for the last few games, but would have Francis and Safri sitting slightly deeper than usual to Hucks and Bentley, to provide additional cover for the back 4. It''s imperative that we keep a clean sheet in this game, as the longer tha game goes on where we are solid at the back, the more confidence will spread throughout the team, starting with Green and ending at the end of Deano''s boot when he volleys in the winner.

In Hucks and Bentley, we undoubtedly have 2 of the most creative players in this league, and this will not be lost on Worthy. Both need to be powerhouses on Sunday. I think Holt should lend Bentely his third lung to ensure he''s up and down that wing like he''s tied to a bungey rope. With Damo and Safri, we have 2 fantastic battlers in the middle of the park. Both are industrius, skillful and have bags of energy (dependent if Francis pulls his finger out - which he will!). As the midfield  than usual, and leaving Deano, Leon, Hucks and Bentley to go hell-for-leather in the box will ensure that if the ball is hoofed back up towards Green, we''ll have Damo and Safri in a position that ensures they can get back to assist the back four without leaving anyone without additional cover. Hoefully this will provide us with that extra bit of cover in time for Hucks and Bents to track back and pick up Fulham drifters. What i don''t want to see is Damo and Safri in the box at every opportunity. This will be picked up by the Fulham players, who''ll exploit the gaps left by our all-out attack.

I trust Worthy to get it right on Sunday. That away win is coming, and it''s coming on Sunday. I for one will be singing from the off, until well beyond the final whistle, regardless of result. The players deserve that, and more than ever, we need to keep the faith, no matter what the result is with 10 minutes to go.

OTBC. Prediction for Sunday: 1-3

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