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What kind of team....

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Puts all 10 outfield players behind the ball for an opposition free kick when 3-0 down with your only striker standing in the wall?

If we''d have come away from that Liverpool free kick with the ball, who would we have played it to?

Just these little things annoy me. OK so we got well and truly outclassed by the best striker in the league who scored a couple of world class goals and who always scores against us.

So we go in 3-0 down, it happens - Suarez is a beast. But which other manager in this league would come out without having changed the system to try and give it a go? Why is Hooper still on the bench?

Why have we come back out expecting a different result from doing the same thing?

Just why, why on earth wouldn''t we have brought a second striker on at half-time to try and salvage something from the game, even just a goal?

Is it ''damage limitation''? I''d rather see us play for pride than coming out with no dignity at all.

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Spot on.

It''s not hard to understand being beaten at Anfield, or the Emirates etc.

But it is hard to understand and more importantly accept why our Manager does very little to try and change things once it is about to become embarrassing, and also why our players show little desire to prevent another morale drubbing.

It leads me to believe that Hughton is out of his depth and the players want him (and/or his back room team) gone.

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