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If I had the wings of  a sparrow

have you ever put your foot in it

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This Sheff Utd fan got me thinking, a couple of season ago the Friday before we played Sheff U I was in the steam room at Sprowston Manor & I was talking to my mate how Warnock was a lump it & hump it manager & his team had no quality compared to us, I went on & on about how crap Sheff U are & Warnock is an idiot with no ideas on football. Anyway across the steam room an agitated guy got up & left huffing & puffing.  We got bored as well & went into the jacuzzi & started again talking about the forthcoming match & how Warnock once put his hat in the ring to become Norwich manager & what a joke that would have been, when shock horror the agitated man become more agitated & guess who was sitting next to us in the Jacuzzi yes it was Colin Warnock himself.  We were in fits of laughter as he left the jacuzzi totally annoyed & appeared to head back to his room.  The only bad thing is they beat us 3-2 & I have banned myself from attending Sprowston the day before the away team arrives as I am not only stupid but superstitious.

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