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NOT going to Fulham

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Having received a letter on Wednesday saying that as a season ticket holder I was unsuccessful with my application for a ticket for the forthcoming Fulham game, I feel totally disgruntled by the way the ticket applications were handled.

 I do not dispute the ballot was conducted fairly, but find it grossly unfair that

applications were accepted AFTER the game on Saturday.

Like many others, I showed my total commitment at wanting to attend the Fulham match by applying for my ticket weeks ago,  but ended up with no better chance than those people who waited for Saturdays result. Had the club date stamped the applications and even time stamped them, in the case of Saturdays applications, this problem would not have arisen, and those people who applied first would now have tickets.

 In footballing terms I feel as if I have had a penalty given against me, and not only was the ball not in my penalty area, it wasn’t even in my HALF of the pitch (Saturday after match applications should be sent off for diving).

Come on Norwich, prove to us all your staff, and not just the players are worthy of the Premier League!!

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