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We didn''t lose, we played well and kept a clean sheet for once.

One of these days, hopefully not too far ahead, we will bang in a few goals. If we don''t start clicking in front of the goal then I cannot see us remaining in the Premiership.

I think this has been mentioned before, but it still appears to be an issue....why can''t we play our left winger on the left and right winger on the right? Get them to run down to the line and then whip a cross in. Our wingers nearly always do the same thing, wait until they can put the ball onto their favourite foot before crossing, thus giving the opposing defence more time to prepare. Snodgrass is perhaps the obvious example. I would start with Redmond for a few games instead of Snoddy and play Pilkington on the opposite wing. The midfield 3 seem to be working very well together. I''d like to see Fer score a few. I think he''s been a terrific aquisition and we''ll be lucky to hang onto him. Olsson has made a big difference too.

So much to be positive about, with one major negative, we have to score loads more goals asap.

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