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No leaders, No team, just potentially great individuals!

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Watching this game also has been like many times this season, where I find myself not just upset at the decision making by the management but also at the fact that we have lacked creativity, counter-attacking intent, and generally good passing and team play for a long time. Some people say that anyone following Lambert''s act was always going to be be hard, and it was. But i don''t care about that so much. We are just slow and lethargic, and uninventive.
I put this to you all. We have the best squad on paper we have ever had, apparently. With the largest budget we have ever had. We have better players, but do we have a better team? I think, and the stats show that that league1/Championship squad 2 seasons ago may have been more effective as a unit. Our defending is average, and bar Saturdays recent performance which shots wise was very generously suggesting we actually worked their keeper, do we maybe have too many individuals in the team like Fer, or Snodgrass that have lost us the momentum and style of play that saw our rise to the Prem?
We used to recruit captains and leaders, and players who would work for each other, and attack as a unit. Pass, counter quickly etc etc what has happened to that? We have some great players, but i miss watching the better "team" of 2 seasons ago, and would argue now that we have not progressed but instead have become timid and stale.
3-0 btw. sadly whimpering out of this contest.

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