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Jim Smith

I had vowed not to get wound up by tonight but

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That second half has really got to me. We seem to have a manager whose every decision turns to sh*t at the moment. I''m rally not sure what he was trying to achieve with that team tonight. If we were not going to go for it properly we may as well have played the kids. As it was we exposed lots of key players to possible injury and the worst duly happened. I know its unfortunate but at least if we are going to suffer such injuries let them happen in the midst of a heroic effort rather than that damp squib of a second half. At the same time we never really had enough about us in an attacking sense to threaten getting a result, we just play neat and tidy little sideways balls whilst looking toothless. We play in the manner of our manager. neat, tidy, nice but never going to hurt anyone.

Most bizarre/annoying/inept is the idiotic decision to bring Hooper on with 5 minutes left when the game was over. Having already suffered two injuries to attacking players and with nothing to play for Hughton deems it appropriate to bring on a striker only recently recovered from an injury in a situation where he was never going to make any difference. Desperate.

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