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Watched an interview with Sir Alex recently...

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The interviewer, when talking about Moyes, said something like...

"It must be a daunting job replacing Sir Alex Ferguson. Nobody wants to be the man replacing Sir Alex, everybody wants to be the man who replaces the man who replaced Sir Alex".

And that for me sums up our time under Hughton. Only we can only hope that there are some people out there that want to be the man who replaced the man that replaced Sir Lambert.

Hughton was always going to have his work cut out at this club, even if we put aside his tactical ineptitude, his poor man management skills, and various other traits that many of us have begun to recognise and dislike. No matter who the manager, it would have been a difficult job.

The positive from this little lesson is that the next manager has a lot less pressure than Hughton. He will still have his work cut out trying to revive this demoralised group of talented but massively underperforming bunch of players, but he will probably now be compared to Hughton, rather than compared to Lambert.

I''d rather be a man expected to outperform Hughton than outperform Lambert.

If we get a great man manager then we have a chance, anything less and our season isn''t going to improve from here.

For me that man has to be Malky Mackay. He isn''t the best tactically, but he is a leader, he gets the best out of what he has, and he is gaining a reputation as a fine man manager. His club are said to want him out, he may take the opportunity to jump before he is pushed if it is true.

Whether he would be the man to take us forward in the long term I''m not so sure, but can we worry too much about the long term now that the short term looks so daunting?

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