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IF... 1 More Chance vs West Ham

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In a word... unacceptable.

Had the team demonstrated any tactical nous or attacking threat I would have said yes to 1 more chance, but after today I can''t suggest that as a realistic option.

If the coaching team are in place vs West Ham I don''t see any hope of a change in plan or line-up (Snodgrass excepted if fit), the usual pre-match and post match comments could be recycled in the press and as for tactically sound substitutions I don''t expect any change there either.

Therefore why bother with 1 more chance,.. in the cold light of day don''t we know what will happen.

Neil Adams as interim coach would at least lift the despondancy, hopefully McNally would begin a search of Germany, Holland or Spain because any observer could see this is where the best coaches are being produced.

I for one will be more than happy to see the back of 2013

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