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Hannibal II

Standing together

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I''m slightly confused as to posts on this site about staying together for the team. I have to point out as we are all city fans and almost all of us watch every game in some capacity so as far as supporting the team we are all very united. If we wasn''t loyal to the club we would not spend the money, time and effort to watch. Every single one of us supports the team.

This does not mean though that we have to stand ideally by and give support to a manager a lot of us have no faith in. We have become a stale club descending backward rapidly from the progress made over the last few season. It is my love and loyalty for the club that is the route of this concern. Every fan only says what they believe is in the best interest of the club. We might not all agree on subjects but as a club i don''t believe many fan bases are as united and loyal in support as Norwich.

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