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So Predictable

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Sadly that is what we have become under Hughton and I could tell you before the game what the team and tactics are. Long gone are the days of Lambert and keeping us all on our toes. For me Hughton has to go because;-

1. Although he has brought in better places competition seems a lot worse and some positions are an automatic given. After defeat to Man City who realistically do we have to mix it up and change the team, Redmond maybe but who else really.

2. We are not winning at home, only one win against Cardiff, Southampton, Aston Villa, Everton and Chelsea - not good enough!

3. Lucciano Becchio situation is madness, striker with excellent record and constantly overlooked for Elmander who quite frankly offers nothing.

4. Tactically clueless, the pressing of our players yesterday to win ball back was non existent. Hughton losing game will simply bring like for like changes on with often worse players.

I''m not anti Hughton just pro Norwich and sadly I think he has lost the dressing room and alienated players like Becchio and Hoolahan to some extent. We need to be at least 5 points ahead of bottom three going into final 4 games and sadly we won''t be with Hughton at the helm. Nice guy, bought some great players in but destroying the confidence of our players. RVW and Hooper look shot on confidence.

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