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I suppose this thoughtful and sympathetic posting by a Man. City fan in the Mail today makes me feel a bit better and justifies Hughton''s continued tenure ..... for the time being in any case.

ericlo, Manchester, 2 hours ago

"Why was it a "humiliating defeat?". Man City have now scored 20 goals in their 5 home games. Even without their 7 against Norwich, that''s an average of over 3 a game including 4 against Man United when City stopped trying. Two of City''s goals on Saturday were deflections and came so early that Norwich didn''t know if to attack or defend - and in the end they got hammered. They won''t be the only team to concede 7 at the Etihad. Houghton and Norwich may well stay in the league comfortably if they stay calm."

It always gets better by Monday after all

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