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As the title says, i think it''s time we went back to basics. If we honestly assess our players abilities, we are more often than not, coming up against better players most weeks. So to try and level the playing field we have to try and be better in other aspects of the game. The thing with Lamberts regime was we were the fittest i''ve ever seen a norwich team. We pressed constantly and never gave our opponents a second on the ball. Because of this we never seemed to drop too deep and were playing higher up the pitch. This has been totally lost. The standing off and letting better players have the freedom of the pitch will only end one way.

As a starting point, under Hughton or not, we need to get back to this "in your face" attitude. I have no problem with getting beaten by a better team. The problem lies with the abject, non commital performances we have come to expect under Hughton.

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