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Kev Baldwin

Thanks for a cracking season

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I have had my highs and lows this year.

To be honest, I felt gutted immediately after the Fulham match. I even shed a tear. But, overall this has been my favourite ever season as a Norwich City fan. I have worn my colours with pride around where I live in Mansfield, and for the first time in a long while people knew the shirt I was wearing. We have proved people wrong over the season, by fighting from relegation certainties to giving ourselves a chance of seventeenth...

But, we are down to the Championship. And I would like to send my regards to the boys on the pitch for giving it a great shot. For battling a lost cause only a few weeks ago. For keeping dignity in times of adversity, and not even slating referee''s for some shocking decisions!

Here''s to next season. Hopefully the ride won''t be as bumpy, but I am one proud Norwich City fan.

Thankyou Norwich City for providing me with such a good time.

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