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No real options out ther for a realistic change? Though I now want Hughton to take his two negative nellies and go!

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As othre say, today was in part an improved performance,  but it is time to change........before we have no chance of rescuing this season.


Easy to see that our players have lost any team spirit we had built up over the past few seasons.

We have players who clearly don`t take notice of the manager instructions.

There is little idea on how to break teams down, regardless of who plays.

The players show little urgency and look tired, we look as though we are just back for pre-season training, Lacklustre is the best word.

The crowed have turned on mass on his substitutions.

Fed up with talking every team up prior to and after getting beaten, almost making excuses before the result.

Players past and present publically commenting that not all is well behind the scenes.

Results show that things are not working out for Hughton.


So before anyone saya ten games let`s remember it might take a few weeks to replace Hughton so now it the time the board have to act or accept the propsect of a real relegation place.


But again who the hell is there to take up what is a very good squad of players with bags of potential and turn things around? Do we need to look for a Laudrup type manager who is managing in Europe to move us forward?


One thing for sure time to change is now.

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