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The season

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Great experience and we will come back up again and if we were to be honest on the earlier commitment of the team we should not have been in the position of having a last chance at all

However given that we got the chance I for one do not ever want to see that idiot Francis wearing the yellow and green again, against Birmingham he was missing to say the least and today he had did nothing at all in the game and was an absolute waste of space.

Relegation was expected at the start of the season and midway through the season we looked good for going down, we then get a final chance 6 games in and we show passion and fight to get to the last day and then on the final day we get robbed of 2 penalty shouts and a bloody good goal and we fail to come out fighting in the second half and then simply roll over to an average premiership side.

This may be sour grapes and too much beer talking but overall so what, we played some good games and those who did their bit stand proud and those who didn''t you know who you are and you do not belong here

Even I am getting bored now so come on next season we will dominate that fizzy league


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