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Is Snodgrass the problem?

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"Snoddy was greedy and wanted the glory for himself! If he was for one

moment thinking of the team he would have given the ball to the teams

main striker who needs goals for his own confidence, put his arm round

him and said ''Go on Ricky, Bury it!''.Absolutely That. Well said Snake Eyes. He''s taking the ball off far too many of our players, Pilks & Garrido for example, who imo are far better crossers of the ball, & wasting the free kicks. He is now taking the ball away from our centre forward & wasting the penalty. He is taking on too many defenders instead of putting a short ball inside to Elmander, & putting in crosses that remind me of local town football. I wonder how much of a team player he is. There is a faster alternative in the Murphy boys. Now can anyone tell me the name of the player that was pinging out those balls from midfield, for those boys to run on to, in the under 21 Chelsea game, because that is what our game is missing. That was exciting.

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