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Man-up McNally

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Since becoming CEO McNally has been a good leader. But one of the characteristics of great leadership is the ability to acknowledge when you have made a mistake, you see the issue and you act to correct it. The current situation is concerning for many and the lack of progress on the pitch at a time when the stakes are higher than ever and the management given the biggest transfer budget in the history of the club suggests that all is not right. We see the evidence increasingly regularly, the "reaction" after the Spurs game came, but more of a whimper really with onfield squabbling and a team short of confidence, speed, intuition and guile. 5 games in and we have seen two inept performances, one slightly lucky win, one slightly unlucky defeat and one creditable draw. Extrapolate over 43 games and the pattern is probably not dissimilar.


Reading the forum suggests many have lost confidence in the coaching team, many are wavering and a few are still staunchly pretending nothing is amiss. There is little consensus on whether that team should be replaced now, in 5 games, in 10 or at the end of the season or just given more time to forge a cohesive winning unit. My own opinion is towards the sooner end of that spectrum, but that is not the point of this post.


But whatever the situation, one thing which cannot hold that decision back is any personal capital in taking decisive action. The only thing worse than not doing anything is to plough on regardless, hoping to evade any personal embarrassment at a decision gone wrong. The standards at this club are now set high, having spent so long in the wilderness it would be grossly negligent to hope against hope that somehow, just somewhow, there will be a turnaround and we''ll regain traction and positive momentum.


So my message to McNally is that you need to man up. A time may come soon to admit that it hasn''t worked out, but look at the facts objectively, the mounting evidence, and when (or perhaps if) that time comes put aside any thoughts of personal embarrassment and act quickly and decisively. That time may be coming sooner than we had all hoped.........

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I would disagree that this has been a mistake.

Hughton has brought in, with McNally genuine premiership players who have lifted our personnel standards on the field to new heights.

He has worked within a tight budget, had holty throw his toys out of the pram when he arrived and shored up a leaky defence. Hughton kept us up when a lot of things could have led to second season syndrome. Somehow with Wigan winning the cup it gave them too much to do at the end of the season and we crawled over the line.

McNally is fully aware that we had a terrible run-in and could probably say that last years transition was difficult and it was fortunate that three other clubs were worse than us.

I truely believe that they are looking at the scenario, not because of this fan pressure, but because he is football man, he is decisive. I def think he is the best man we have had at the club for years and fully trust him.

I think people have outlined the next five games and they are not great with Chelsea, man city and arsenal. If things do not improve or their is a belief that it will for the long term and the possible up turn is not a blip of fortunuous results.

I think another poster said that the ten game run was good but should be referred as the blip which was different to other results and I think that is right.

Tettey arrived and after 1 week said training was unstructured compared to France.

I went to the Fulham game last year and after that I feared for our season, somehow we snuck up and brought in cracking players. I feel we are 1 more window short of what is needed to then have an equal level of ability through the team. You are only as strong as your weakest player and we have many not on par with fer, rvw, bassong, ruddy and hooper. It takes time, but in this league if a manager cannot lift those other players and get the best out of stars even an eighth of the way through the season you have to be assessed by the board. They will have been doing this and I am sure am fully aware.

With di canio going we may act quickly if someone is in mind but also I wish Sunderland had kept him to help them go down. I can see a manager now coming in with plenty of time to improve Sunderland. So as a board there it is the right decision. I know we, with McNally will make the right decision.

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