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Canary02 IV

Attempt at balance

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Hi, just thought I''d try and add a little balance to the current debate. If you want to label me I''ve been a Pant Wetter for a long time but some of the over reactions recently seem to have ignored the facts as I see them.

Hughton Pro''s and misnomers

1) He''s bought very well.

2) He''s very professional, respected and a great ambassador for the club.

3) The defence is much more solid than it was before he arrived.

4) CH''s style is very effective against the top 6 teams at Carrow Road.

5) Playing 4-2-3-1 is not negative in itself. It''s how the majority of Premiership teams play.

6) He did inherit a team from PL that had started to lose a little momentum and did need defensive work to prevent them going backwards.

Hughton Con''s and misnomers

1) The results in 2013 have been nothing short of awful.

2) CH seems unable to adapt or change in the face of adversity and doesn''t seem to learn from mistakes. It''s the same gameplan every game with the only tweak that we are especially defensive away from home.

3) Despite having assembled what we as fans believe to be, and to a certain extent the wider footballing community concur, a great squad full of promising young international players, the performance which he gets out of them is less than the sum of their parts. Great managers take average players and make them a good team. He seems to take good players and make them a below average team.

4) He seems unable to produce a cohesive attacking team performance, and hasn''t done so in his time here barring the last 2 games of last season. Swansea away is often cited but of the 4 goals scored 3 were set pieces against woeful marking.

5) We seem unable to press home an advantage against teams that are a man down or playing poorly and don''t take points from games that we should given the circumstances on the day.

6) Finishing "Higher than Lambert" or with more points is not a major achievement of itself. CH had a much larger budget than PL did in their respective Premier League campaigns and was able to attract better players to a settled Prem side so a modest improvement was probably to be expected.

7) Whilst I agree that you can''t talk about sacking a manager after 5 games, CH has had 43 games (plus cup games). If he showed signs of change or improvement then it would be different but the only thing likely to change currently is the "Games Played" column. If the results have been bad from Jan to September and the manager changes nothing and can get nothing more from millions of pounds worth of better players, what makes anyone think October will be any different?

I like CH as a man and he deserves dignity and respect but I''ve felt for a long time that he is unable to balance defence and attack, unable to react to game situations, and unable to learn from mistakes with creativity or positivity. Whilst I see no signs that he has the creativity to gel the side together and take us forward, it should be remembered that he has done some positive work and at the very least will leave us with a great squad that may need a little bit of tinkering but won''t need an entire overhaul as most ailing sides do. He has provided everything we need for a successful team, his ability to imprint a winning style or mentality is all that''s missing. Sadly he and his coaches don''t seem capable of clearing that final important hurdle.

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